I read this great, aka challenging, post the other day (10 Things Pastors Absolutely HATE to Admit Publicly) and began applying it to my own life in the circles of influence i have.


For myself i have added number #11 to the list

#11 : I worry that i’m not ____________ enough and can’t provide the help you need (fill in the blank: good, qualified, smart, compassionate, wise, cool, relevant)

#11 is my biggest worry, fear, whatever.

There is even a phobic name for it.



#11 is the one i need to punch in the face, shut it up and nullify any limitation it could place on me.  i will not live within its boundaries or restrictions.


I shared about it with my mums group yesterday as that was one area i was adding a i’m not blank enough to.

I had being away on holiday and some live stuff had happened for these women and they had posted in our fb group about what was going on.  I was away but had snippets of time to check fb and saw what was going on but didn’t have the time or head space to go in depth to reply and help.  And frankly, some of it was about things that I have forgotten.  Toilet training.  Night time waking.  Tantrums.  23 sure fire ways to get your toddler to adore broccoli.  Things that i don’t have to deal with as a mother of a 12 and 8 year old.  They have their own stages and joys.  And they like broccoli.

So I was being down on myself that I was maybe not blank enough to be their leader.

That perhaps they needed someone more in touch with their specific relevant life issues and that was parenting savvy and wise.

I had then gone to bed and had had a really “interesting” dream.  One of those ones that speak to the heart.  I awoke and knew that God had been speaking and that I was the right leader and that though I probably wasn’t going to be the one to advise them on night time waking and toilet training and two year old tantrums I was going to encourage them and get them praying and equip them to become not just mums, but warrior women of God.  That the gift I could give was that I “had been there and done that, got the tshirt” and was now passing on HEART strength for whatever battled they faced.


So I bared my heart to these lovely mums yesterday and was humbled and heartened by their outcry that I had even entertained for a second that I was not blank enough to be the leader or even part of the group.


There are times we have to take those voices of insecurity and ignore them.  Or more importantly replace them with a truth.  The Truth.  Remove the lie and speak the truth.

We have to refuse to live with atelphobia and to live in the freedom of God’s acceptance and power.

Rewrite the script you live by and know that God graces and empowers you to serve Him.



How do we rewrite the script?

1.  know what God says about you – find specific personal verses in the Bible that God rhemas to you – highlight them, write them down, meditate upon them

2.  stop the fear in its tracks… change the way you think but stopping the thoughts before they become a negative downward spiral

3.  talk to someone about how you feel.  let them give you a new encouraging script and perspective

4.  step out and help someone – use the gifts and talents God has given you and watch Him work His wonder THROUGH you.  a few positive experiences under your belt is evidence you are blank enough

5.  make a list of all the ways you are enough – your talents, your values, your attributes



In myself I am nothing, but with God I am everything.

He qualifies and equips the called.

My job is to say YES to the things He is calling me to do and He will enable me to be a best fit in that moment, for that role.

In Him I am blank enough.



Do you ever struggle with feeling not blank enough? Or is this just me?