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i love those wow moments that happen at church

when its so evident that something incredibly special happened

and its even more amazing

when it happens with you.


last night our pastor talked about hearing from God

i’ve been exceptionally blessed that right from salvation 21 years ago i have heard God speak relatively clearly

but it still blows me away when He does and when He uses lil’ ol’ me to speak His love to others


so during the worship time last night at the end of the meeting i felt led by God to go and pray for a young woman at our church, a young woman i didnt really know and had never prayed for before

i had seen in my imagination Jesus go up to her and put His arm around her

and was thinking about Zephaniah 3:17

and the sense of God’s great love for this young woman

so at the opportune moment at the end of the worship i went up to her, introduced myself and asked if i could pray for her


i said, during the worship time i felt it was as if Jesus walked up beside you and put His arm around you and gave you a hug because He loves you

and i put my arm around her, and hugged her

her eyes widened and glistened

i just prayed, she said, that if God is real, that He would come and give me a hug


she got goosebumps and i got hot


God heard her prayer, spoke to me and i shared

God speaks

He loves

He is great!


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