there are defining moments in each of our lives that put us at a fork in the road.

the choice is faith or fear.

the choice is faith or freaking out.

the choice is trust or tragedy.

in those moments we have grace to choose God, to choose faith, trust and hope.


two such moments we faced were when my husband was made redundant and i was reminded of these moments reaching a blog post by Rick Theule – I Was Fired where he shares his own experience of being let go from a job, the worst day and the best day of his life.


my awesome hubby has being made redundant twice – we have sacrificed so i can be a SAHM.  on the first time he was made redundant there were rumours and then we found out in a meeting that i was invited to, on the day that we then gave birth to our 2nd child.  evangeline faith was born.  yes, i had a baby on the day my husband was made redundant.  in a way it was a brilliant distraction for both of us and within 3 weeks my hubby had a new job.

the 2nd time he was made redundant though we had our freak out moments (as we did too with the first, we were just in new baby bliss), we also knew that i wasnt having a baby that day or any time soon and if we could do it back then, we could do it again.   i threw on a cd that a friend had just given me and let the words wash over me, reminding me that God is good, God is great, i can trust Him, all my hope is in Him.  my hubby had been looking for a job, knowing the company was dwindling, for about 6 months before that redundancy and had had no replies, no interest, no responses.  that day, as i listened to a song about the goodness of God he rung me… and had a job interview.  the day he got made redundant he got an opportunity.

they were the worst days, and best days of our life.

defining moments.

these moments are moments of trust, growth, hope.  even joy yes, if you allow them to.


how do you choose faith?

1.  KNOW the promises of God – aka read your bible regularly so that when its hammer time that you KNOW them and have the promises at your fingertips, and most importantly, in your heart

2.  WORSHIP God and remind yourself of His goodness and greatness.  Let worship remind you of the truth our feelings forget

3.  FIGHT fear with faith.  Have a truth that counters any fear that comes into your mind

4.  SURROUND yourself with good people who will practically help but purposefully pray for you

5.  PREPARE to walk through circumstances with grace and faith – take practical steps if need be

6.  RESIST the temptation to fully freak out.  freaking out momentarily is okay, but don’t let that control who you are

7.  RESPOND don’t react


what will you chose today?

what fork in the road have you stood at?

how did you chose?