sometimes we have to push pause

remembering that sometimes saying NO to one thing means we’re actually saying YES to something else, something potentially greater


often the conflict can be between, so we think, our dreams and our doing

between dreaming and what we give our actual minutes, hours and days to

forgetting however

that our PRESENT is so vital and that TODAY impacts TOMRROW

in both good and bad ways

how much i give today has consequences on how much i can give tomorrow


When we are completely stretched too thin, we’re  essentially missing out on being used to the capacity that God intends. ~ Corie Clark


i don’t want to look back at my life and see i’ve gained my dream, but lost my family on the journey or sacrificed my health on the altar of success

being stretched too thin reduces our capacity to give and to continue giving

i’m a hustler.  i love to dream and to do.

i’m a high output person and have a full week and a full life that i love.

i rarely read just one book and read a diverse range of subjects.  just because.

and i’m learning to rest.  learning to pause.  learning to prioritize.



pushing pause and saying no isn’t about choosing a lifestyle of laziness, it isn’t about sitting back and doing nothing

its about prioritizing excellence in ALL areas of our life

its about making that space for dreams to fully mature and most importantly, for relationships to mature and be rich along the journey



when i say YES to everything, its my family that miss out on that vital time with me, present and engaged

when i say YES to everything, its my husband that gets the leftovers of my energy instead of my generosity

when i say YES to everything, the things that are my real heart dreams get pushed aside for the doing instead of the dreaming


when i choose REST, when i push pause, i am creating a sustainable lifestyle and healthy emotional framework to live my life to the fullest


so how do we push pause and learn what to say no to?

  1. does it line up with your priority and vision? knowing what your life vision and priorities are creates a framework to evaluate the opportunities and requests
  2. is it for a season?  sometimes we become more stretched in a season, but its just for a season and not a sustainable future
  3. is it sustainable?  what will have to give for you to say YES to this opportunity or request
  4. who loses?  if it takes too much time and energy away from those that should win – your family – then the cost is too great
  5. what does God say?  God has it all under control and He doesn’t need you or me to do everything… let God be God


Chase Scroggins shares his own experience of evaluating his priorities and values, allowing them to determine his schedule and activity levels

The pressure to be it all,
to do it all,
to know it all,
to have it all together,
to not let anyone down,
to meet the needs of everyone around me,
I quit it all.
And the funny thing is, quitting is exactly what freed me up to do what matters most, better than ever.

I made 4 columns and labelled them “What’s Most Important”, “What’s Next”, “Maybe Someday” and “I Quit!”. Then, one by one, I filed each of my previous obligations in their rightful places. There were some obvious choices, of course, but many more subtle moments of clarity when I realized I’d have to let go of one thing (maybe even something great) to take hold of another.

It was profound and personal, forcing me to a new level of honesty with myself. At times, it was difficult – like when I came to a dream I’d dreamed long enough to know that if it was going to happen, I’d have done it by now. I had to place it under “I Quit” along with the other distractions. But there were at least as many moments of excitement and intrigue, when I realized an idea or hope that had been floating in the back of mind was worthy of chasing to see where it would lead.

In the end, I’d identified everything from what will always remain most important to me – to what will never be important enough to actually pursue. I traded keeping all my options open for clarity, direction and focus on what matters most – a good trade if you ask me.

from Chase Scoggiins – I QUIT




So what do i do to rest?

  • early nights – twice a week i go to bed earlier… it helps my body cope!
  • we invest in dvd tv series (or record them on our dvr) so that we can have relational time together (currently we’re watching fringe!)
  • sunday dance parties and board games – this is a bit of an organic new thing we’ve done as a family
  • reading for joy not job – sometimes i just need to read a story, just for fun
  • exercise – who would have thought eh?
  • down time – i have a block of time in the week, usually friday mornings, where i have nothing scheduled and no one needing my time
  • google calendar is my friend – keeping organised helps me to keep the flow going so that i’m not creating an unsustainable lifestyle
  • regular worship/prayer times – Isaiah 40:28-31




do you see REST as a good trade?

how do you balance dreaming and doing?

what do you need to say YES to?