there are 3 things about God that i come back to again and again. 

like my default position, my default setting.


1.  God is good.  in all things and in all circumstances HE is good.  the circumstance may be hard but i know that God is good and that He will turn all things out for good because He IS good.  good encompasses kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, mercy, compassion, graciousness…  God is good.  even though i cannot see sometimes the outworking of His plans and ways in my life, i know that He is good and i trust that.  knowing He is good means i can face the storm and the fire because i have confidence in His goodness.


2.   God is who He says He is and we can expect Him to act in accordance with His character.  okay sounds a lot like #1 eh.  i have confidence in the character of God.  that He is good, faithful, forgiving.  that He has a plan for my life and will complete the good work He has begun in me.  i trust in what He says because what He says is who He is.


3.  God’s love and grace are lavish and inexhaustible and amazing and amazing.  yes i used amazing twice.  His love never fails.  In fact when i was in rebellion He extended grace and love to me.  The cross is the greatest demonstration of His love.  His love covers all my sin.  I am forgiven for my past, present and future.  He has done all that is needed and His love is lavish.  He calls me HIS child, His daughter, His beloved.  There is nothing i can do to disown myself from His love.  I am adopted into His family and my identity is changed from sinner to child, from guilty to innocent.


what are the 3 things you know to be true about God – your default setting?