our church is on a street filled with urban industrial warehouses.  as i drove out of church the other day after SAS i noticed a guy, in the carpark, in his overalls and a special protective cover suit (like the csi guys wear!) doing push ups, an ab roller behind him.  my eyes flicked to the clock.  2.45pm.  afternoon smoko time.  my heart beat with admiration.  here is this guy, taking his break time, to build for a healthy future.  he took the 10 minutes of time allocated to break time to do push ups and ab exercises.  he chose to be active.  he chose to make a difference. he chose to dream and build.  to not settle for the status quo.  he found time.


often we can have time constraint excuses. 

i’m too busy.  i work too hard.  there aren’t enough hours in the day.

we get to the end of the day and the time has escaped, used and not to be regained.

i realize, when i get real, i have no excuse. 

if it matters, i will make time.

if its a priority, i will make room for it in my day.

life is more than breathing and i must be intentional about how i live.  every moment counts.


this past year i have made room for building and dreaming. 

i decided that i had to make a change on the way that i lived.

i made working out and getting fit a priority.



because i want to go the distance.  i expect more of myself and don’t want any excuse or any limitation to stand in the way.

especially one that i have control over.

the dreams i have are big, they require a lifetime to live. 

i want to be the best mum i can be, present and involved in every which way.

i want to be the best wife i can be, present and involved in every which way.

i want to be the best leader… you get the picture.


the room i made?  the minutes i found in my day?  the time i find?

they happen at 5am.  when no one needs me.  its my time.  its a sacred space.  it belongs to me.

just as the warehouse guy, in his overall and protective gear – i’m making room for my dreams to grow.


where is there time in your day for creating a better future?

where is there time you can redeem for building?

be it getting fit, or reading a book and up skilling, be it writing or networking, or praying…

find time for what matters.



Life is full of possibilities and each day presents its own blank canvas.  My encouragement to you is to remember that your life has value.  You have something to offer the world and your story is worth telling.   Kevin Buchanan – Living Out My Journey



each of us have a story to tell, a purpose for our life.

live it. 

be it.

don’t let anything – esp time – stand in your way.

create something beautiful, something good on the canvas of your life.


what limitations do you put on your dreams?

how can you find some time?