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deep theological questions tonight after bible and prayers with the kids…

why did God send a dove out of the ark to find land? why didnt He send a polar bear?


so of course, being the mother i am, i posed that to my fb friends… and awoke this morning to a raft of hilarious answers!


meanwhile in the shower this morning i was thinking about it, randomly and came up with a theological answer of my own.

The Ark represents our salvation – in Christ.  It is nothing of ourselves – God told Noah to build the ark, gave him the instructions, gave them the timing, closed the door, protected them, kept them, rescued them.  Salvation is God’s idea and God’s plan and God’s power.

The Dove represents the Holy Spirit and we have to be led by the Spirit in our lives.


So… would you like to read how my friends responded???  Sure you would.  Prepare to giggle.


Because Mrs Noah was sick of mopping the deck of the ark & a dove wouldn’t leave much of a puddle when it got back!

Image trying to get the polar bear back in the ark….

Because doves can fly quicker than polar bears can swim/walk?

Polar bears don’t see too well and a white aerodynamic object in the sky was probably easier to spot than a slow one on land. ?? Or, cos when Polar bears became endangered they wouldn’t begrudge God?

A dove needs land for food and building a nest, and would come back to the ark if it can’t find all of that. A polar bear can swim up to 80km without resting on land, so would not find it’s way back to the ark. It also feeds on seals which can sleep while floating and would have been plentiful (no polar bears to eat them for a while…), so a polar bear would not stay close to the ark for food either. It would get Lost 😉

Because doves are white…. ohhh wait……

Duh! It’s because polar bears can’t fly

The Ark is a type and picture of Christ and the Dove is a type and Picture of the Holy Spirit.

Plus … When Jesus was baptised, can you imagine a polar bear coming and landing on his shoulder. Talk about awkward.

Because god didn’t wanna waste time detailing a massive plan for the chosen animal. He figured that if he chose a dove it wouldn’t need a plan, it could just…. Wait for it… Wwwaaaiiiittt ffoooorrr iiiitttt….. Wing it…..