How do you finish that sentence?


the beautiful Jen Moff asked this question on a recent blog post – The Power of I AM on her blog


Jen goes on to dig deeper:

So how is “I am…” completed by you?

In the book “The Help”, Aibileen Clark repeatedly says, “You is kind, You is smart, You is important”.

She was wise to do so.  She knows the power of words.


so this is my answer. 

this is my I AM…


i am me.

i had to learn to embrace my i am when i felt like i was being crushed by the i am not statements in my own head. i had just completed a preaching course and was saying to myself i am not spiritual like that person, i am not deep like that person, i am not theological like that person, i am not i am not i am not.

God reminded that I AM the person He has created me to be and to be myself. to embrace the i am. i am me.

i am spiritual and deep in my own ways. i am a connector and communicator. i am passionate and purposeful. i am funny (though not intentionally usually) and make strange noises and use pop culture references. i am using the voice and expression God has given me.


self talk is incredibly important. 

how we see ourselves can determine whether we can or we cant.

it shapes our capacity to step out and to trust God THROUGH us.

it defines how we relate to those in our world.

it weaves itself into how we dream and dare, how we build and believe.

our anchor is our course God – our security is found in Him.

how does He answer the I AM sentence for you?  what does He say about who you are and who He has created you to be?

we need to line up our answer to the big question with His answer.

to find our peace within His purposes.


embrace that.

be that.

be you.


so… how do you complete the sentence I am…?