Four Things To Know About YouPaul David Tripp 


I’m amazed by the senses that God gave us. Not only the sense to smell and to feel, but the ability to think and communicate different emotions. But check this out – those abilities were not first given so you could interact with other humans. Those abilities were given so that you can communicate with God.

This means that you were not designed to figure out life on your own. Human beings need truth outside of themselves in order to make sense of life. I will never be able to properly figure out life on my own without a higher source of wisdom.

What better source of wisdom than the One who created it all! But you and I, again, are reduced to fools by sin – we think we can live independent of God, independent of his Word, and independent of his design for community (the church).




10 Ways to Know If Your Small Group Ministry Is Gaining 

      How can you tell if your small group ministry is gaining ground?  What are the signs?  Can it be measured quantitatively?  Or do you have to know how to measure qualitatively?

Obviously, you can measure many things quantitatively.  Quantitative measurements like how many groups you have, how many leaders and apprentices you have, and how many people you have in groups all tell you something.  The reality though, is quantitative measurements don’t tell you the whole story.

Recently, I shared 5 keys to taking new ground in 2014.  In this post I want to highlight 10 ways to know if your small group ministry is gaining ground.

10 Ways to Know If Your Small Group Ministry is Gaining Ground:

  1. Life-change stories begin to be more common
  2. “One another” stories begin to be more common than complaints
  3. The number of people in circles gains on the number of people in rows

…




5 ways to say noJon Acuff 

Here are 5 ways to say no to things that might distract you:

1. Prepare for yes situations.

2. Check your motivations.

3. Get a no partner.

4. Accept the consequences.

5. Carry a yes list.



You’re Not A Superhero – Paul David Tripp

Human beings were built with limits. God didn’t design you to be a superhero.

You and I were created to live dependent lives, never surviving on the basis of our own strength, wisdom and control. From the moment of our first breath, we were limited, weak, and fragile beings.

You see, when you admit your limits, you’re a humble and restful person. You’re humble enough to admit weakness, always open to learning. And you’re restful, because you know that control is in the hands of God – and not yours.

Let me encourage you here – there’s only one Superhero in the Bible. His name is Jesus Christ. Every other man and woman documented in Scripture was a failure. Rest and peace is found when you abandon control and admit your limits.




Protecting the Priorities…the bigger YES insideDream Culture

How do you decide which dream to pursue? Life is all about priorities. We all have many things that we would like…a better marriage, a thinner body, a new car or a trip to Europe. Most of what we want we could have, if it was a high enough priority for us and we were willing to pay the price.

What dream is your priority is this season?

Do your decisions reflect that?

What do you need to say NO to today in order to say YES to your dream?

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