today: i’m at our SAS re:retreat – we were meant to be away last week at a bach but unforeseen circumstances meant we had to postpone it… so we’re doing some of our content in the class room today and making the most of auckland’s glorious locational beauty

want to be: the J.J.Abrams of preaching and communicating (aka creative and unique and innovative)

blessings: watching God unfold His plans in peoples lives

thinking: about needing extra hours in the day

planning: this week is pretty time crunched so i’m planning my time tightly… its all go with re:retreat, ConnectLIVE, dental nurse appts, dr appt, camp meeting, housegroup, mumstime, mentoring, bible in schools (back for the first time this year!)

listening to: Tides Live

watching: Field of Dreams tomorrow night

reading: Having a Mary Spirit in a Martha world – Joanna Weaver

writing: a TOUCH YOUR WORLD message for sunday am on 16th march @ The River 

loving: SAS

grateful: for grace