“God has marvellous ways of taking our worst tragedies and turning them into His most glorious triumphs." -Joseph Stowell


Jericho could have been so overwhelming to Joshua that he could have turned his back and hightailed out of there. It could have been a crushing failure.

But Joshua chose to press forward and trust God.

In the times when your Jericho – be it an external circumstance or an internal heart issue – threatens to block the sunshine – look to the Son. Lift your eyes!

The decisions that we make today determine the stories that we’ll tell tomorrow.

Make a decision to know that God is with you and to obey Him in all things and see Jericho’s walls fall down. Make a decision to let the walls down and to let God in to heal you. Make a decision to encounter God.

Victory comes not from our own strength and will power. Joshua didn’t pull up his big boy pants, and knock the walls down himself. Brute strength and strategy didn’t win the day. Jericho’s walls fell down by a supernatural act of God. Likewise in our life. Yes we partner with God in the process. Yes we have to make actions to change and align ourselves with the principals in the Word of God. Yes we have to pull up our big boy / girl pants and just do it. But the changes that we need in our life will happen when we trust our amazing God. God rescues. God restores. God heals.

Joshua went on and led the Israelites to victory. As we have our eyes open and go into our world, God with us, we will see changes and overcoming. Jericho’s walls will fall.

Let’s be people who surrender to Jesus our Saviour and Lord.

Let’s be people who have our eyes open to see His presence and power in our lives.

Let’s be people who worship, hear and follow Him.

Let’s be people of victory.

Let’s stand and pray and declare breakthrough over our own Jericho.

We declare victory over sin. We declare victory over spiritual oppression. We declare breakthrough in marriage, in health, in finances. We declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ over every power and principality. We declare Jesus wins and that nothing is impossible for Him. We break the power of fear and intimidation. We lift our eyes to you Jesus. We put all our hope in you.