in today’s email for the 30 Days of Hustle challenge Jon Acuff shared how he was reading a Rolling Stone’s article about Drake and Drake mentioned how he was obsessed with residential pools.  the phrase jumped out at Jon and he went on to ask us “what is our residential pool?” what is the thing in the distance, the goal, the vision, the accomplishment?  what does it look like when you are “there”?


i have a marriage residential pool.  a picture that it etched in our heart that we direct our life towards.

my marriage residential pool is an old couple who walk up our street every thursday at 4.15. she has a walker and he holds her hand on the walker.

our street is a hill and they walk slowly together.

she is very frail. its beautiful.

i’m totally buying flowers for them this week and have been semi stalking them to find out where they live.

but that’s what me and my hubby want to be like. old and together.