At the very moment that Joshua needed God, God was there. Joshua was surveying the territory he was going to advance into. Having another look over the city he was going to lead an attack against. Imagine the doubts, the fears, the insecurities. The pressure.

At that moment, Joshua had a very real desperate need to hear from God.

And there God is. His personal presence was with Joshua as a mighty declaration and assurance of God’s power and provision.

Theophanies : A Theophany is a manifestation of the preincarnate Christ, who, as the Logos, is the one who reveals God. If only a man or an angel, he would certainly have repelled Joshua’s worshipful response (vs. 14). Other examples of Christology is in Daniel 3 and when Abraham had 3 visitors, one of them a preincarnate Jesus, in Genesis 18.


How do we overcome the Jericho in our life?

We lift our eyes and see that Jesus is with us. We fix our eyes upon the One who can help us. We encounter His presence.

Now we may not have such a radical in the flesh encounter as Joshua, or as did Shadrach, Mesach and Abendego when they were thrown into the fire and a fourth man – Jesus – appeared, but God is with us.

Sometimes it comes from making a deliberate rhythm in your life that turns your eyes towards God, we could call that a quiet time or a devotional time, when you spend time reading the bible, listening to worship music, praying. Creating regular times for connection develop relationship and familiarity with His presence.

Sometimes it comes from looking back and seeing the moments in your life where God has been faithful. Create a history with God and turn those testimonies up in your time of need. Joshua could look back at the record of God’s faithfulness in the desert, the crossing of the Jordan, the pillar of fire and cloud by day that used to lead and guide them. Joshua also had a secret place history with God – he used to go into the tent of meeting with Moses where Moses would meet face to face with God, and Joshua would stay behind create his own secret place relationship. He cultivated a deliberate rhythm in His life and a familiarity with His presence.

When you are facing down a Jericho moment you need to remind yourself that God is with you and have faith that He is mighty and able. Being a friend of God, not an acquaintance or a stranger, helps. Knowing who Jesus is and knowing that He is here with us is the ultimate source of perspective. In the shadow of Jesus Jericho was totally for the taking.

We have to lift our eyes from our Jericho and see that God is with us.

I will lift my eyes from my “I cants”, to God’s I can

I will lift my eyes from my limitations; to God’s nothing is impossible

I will lift my eyes from my flaws, to God’s gift of forgiveness and righteousness through Christ

I will lift my eyes from my loneliness, to God’s promise that He is with me

I will lift my eyes from my exhaustion, to God’s invitation to come

I will lift my eyes from my excuses, to God’s encouragement that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

I will lift my eyes and see that He is with me, that He is God, that He is good and great.

I lift my eyes to worship Him, my Saviour, my Lord.

Lift your eyes. See God.