When I was about 6 months old as a Christian our church went on a family camp. As just as at the previous camp when we were sent out to go and talk to God, where I sat under a tree and cried my eyes out because I knew I was never good enough to get to heaven on my own, the camp I got saved at… we got sent out to go and talk to God. I again picked a tree to sit under and you guessed it, cried my eyes out. And I didn’t really hear anything. I had some massive walls up and I was just trying to figure this whole knowing God thing out anyway.

Anyway after a while I went to the bathroom, near the tree, to wash my face. I looked up and on the mirror was scratched my name. My name! I thought that was “cool, but weird” and so went outside. My eye caught the reflection of glass in the sun right where I had been sitting. I went over, curious, to investigate. There where I had been sitting was a broken bottle or glass. The glass was old, worn and dirty. Broken. You could hardly see through it. At that very moment I heard God say that though you may be like that glass now, dirty and broken, I will make you like that mirror. That mirror with my name on it.