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"Parenting is hard. Really hard. But God shows us what to do and fills in the gaps if we ask Him. Don’t listen to the world’s answers. And don’t fall into the trap of trying to be like other moms. Just saturate yourself in God’s Truth and trust the gut instincts He gives you.” ~ Lysa TerKeurst


its our 2nd week of school

we’re finding our new rhythms


tony is out the door by 7

caleb by 7.45

evangeline and i by 8.15


its the rhythm of lunches made, uniforms ready, remembering all the details… sunscreen, teeth, notices

along with afterschool activities, homework


but parenting is more than that

these little people are a gift from God, entrusted to us

they have personalities, will, challenges, callings

they are unique


being a mother means i wear a lot of hats

i cook, clean, wash

nurse, diagnose, counsel

teach, train, coach

analyse, evaluate, negotiate


there are the medical emergencies

the unexplained tantrums

the emotional highs and lows

there are the tears and slammed doors

the snuggles and story times


with newborns there is feeding and sleeping

growing into tantrums and toilet training

into school times and school bullies

and preteens and hormones


i am so grateful for the wisdom and grace of God for parenting

and so glad for His grace towards me when i don’t measure up

when my selfishness takes over and i need self control


He fills in the gaps

where i feel inadequate, He is adequate


there is no template for a mother

every mother is unique, fashioned by God

some can cook, some cannot

some can clean, some lean towards messy… i don’t iron

some are crafty, and some are craft-challenged


but the main ingredient we all need is love and grace

if i can do all with love and grace then i win, Jesus wins, my kids win

parenting is hard, but God is with me


You have the exact qualities God knew your kids would need in a mother. So, each day, hold up your willingness and ask God to make you the best version of you that you can possibly be. Lysa TerKeurst