there are times some people just need Jesus to turn up and hug them

times when people need to talk to someone face to face to encounter God

today was one of those moments

and i was priv’d to represent Jesus


we have an awesome Street Outreach Team and once a month we head out into our community and door knock a street

we introduce ourselves and our purpose and ask if there is anything we can pray for for them and their family


sometimes we have awesome conversations

sometimes short no thankyous

and sometimes wow moments

today was one of those wow moments


we knocked on a door and a twentysomething woman opened the door

in her pjs

apologising that she was in her pjs and mentioning she has a new baby who just had her jabs the other day who had been screaming since 5am

i introduced myself and Sam and said why we were there

and big wet tears rolled down her face

she had been so overwhelmed with the new baby

so tired

and so missing going to church with her family (another local church)

and had been praying all morning

“God do you see me?  where are you God?”

and here we were

Jesus with skin on

face to face

a visible tangible reminder that God saw, and that God was with her

a divine appointment with divine timing and divine love


i asked if we could step in, and if i could give her a hug

i let her cry

i prayed

was such a moment


especially cool as i was the only mum on the team, so providentially, i was the right person to knock on her door

mum to mum


God is good.  God is great.

He sees, He hears. 

He is with us.