It’s fun to do a second month because you get to build on the first.

We already have a month or so of data to pull from.

So here’s you’re first challenge:

Find out what worked last month.

I want you make a list today of all the things that helped you hustle on your goal last month. The tips, the tricks, the tools, the people, anyone and anything that moved your forward on your goal needs to go on your list.

Jon Acuff 


Last month my goal was to lose 3kg by exercising on weekdays and cutting out sweets and soda and reducing the white portion of my meals (rice etc)


what worked for me was:

  • xbox kinnect exercise programme which tracks progress – i ended up increasing my session times from 30 mins in the first week to 80 mins this morning
  • my fitness pal which informed me about calories and things like protein
  • making choices for active activities with the kids in the school holidays
  • just “giving it a go” and succeeding – motivates me to try again and to push further
  • reducing my portion size
  • not buying sweets or soda! if they’re not there i cant eat them!
  • bob harper – jumpstart to skinny – some really good points in there
  • feeling good! 
  • having an amazing encouraging supportive group, like 30 Days of Hustle to ask question, to keep me accountable and give me strategies to fight the craving