*** church notes from Sunday AM today @ The River – Pastor Peter Morton preaching


Luke 10:25 : The good Samaritan
You go and do likewise

What exactly are you asking me to do God?

A neighbour is someone in our immediate vicinity

How do we love others?
we can be awesome at living God but that has to flow into how we relate to others.

Three things the Samaritan did:

1 he saw the man
There is a difference between seeing and seeing
Two witnesses can see different things, we see things because of our gifts
God will open our eyes

2 took pity on him
Moved with compassion
The world says don’t look and don’t get emotionally involved
The kingdom of God wants to move you
Stuff happens when Jesus was moved with compassion, feeding of 5000, Lazarus rose from death…
Our hearts have become hard
Exodus 33
The lord is compassionate and gracious
The primary thing he chose to reveal about himself was that he is compassionate

3 he helped, he did something about the situation
He helped him with the immediate and then took him to someone else that could help
He did his part
Sometimes we think that if we can’t do everything we do nothing
Do something
Don’t do Gods job for him, but play your part

The parable of the good inn keeper
Who took in the wounded man and cared for him
The inn keeper looked and saw, was moved with compassion and played his part
He didn’t find the man because he wasn’t a travelling man, but he had rooms and beds and was a people person and he did his part

Another inn keeper made a choice 30 years ago and there was no room and missed the day of his visitation when God wanted to do something amazing

Live with eyes open, hearts unlocked, playing our part

What is going on in our sphere of influence?