Today, as we get closer to ending the first 30 days of hustle, I want to ask you two similar questions:

1. If you do another 30 days of hustle, where do you want to be after the second 30 days?

2. If you hustled for 12 months, what do you hope is true of your life next year?

That’s it. Two simple questions. Two easy ways to look into the future a little bit.

Jon Acuff


1.  If i was to do another 30 days of hustle i’d keep hustling in the same direction as i am going. 

getting up at 5am-5.30am weekdays, 6am sunday, workout. 

no soda and no sweets.  keeping the white portion low. 

trying to shift some weight but more importantly create sustainable life changes.  i’m hoping that then these new habits become integrated into my life so that they just roll on and that i can then change hustle direction and hustle onto something else.  this past month has been about conquering bad habits that were potentially going to get out of control if i didn’t make a change.   it was about embracing a new way of doing things that added more discipline and positive rhythms to my life. 

now was the time and 30 days of hustle was the catalyst to add accountability and motivation. 


2.  if i hustled for 12 months, i cant base what i hope for my life next year on just a physical thing or something like i’d be thinner and wear a smaller size jeans.  that sounds painfully superficial to my ears.  its about more than that.  its about health and adding fuel to my inner furnace so that i can do the distance.  and by the grace of God, pour out more.  be more closer to Jesus.  doing more.  being me more. 

how does getting up earlier and weighing less contribute to that? 

maybe its a confidence thing? maybe its a discipline thing?  maybe its a switching on my brain through health thing? i don’t know.  but in order to be more present i need to be healthy and in a sweet spot.