“I just made excuses until my dream came true!” Said no one ever.

It’s true, excuses never move us forward. They only drive us backward, but we still make so many of them, don’t we?

If ideas came as easily as excuses, we’d all be geniuses.

Today’s task is to drag a few of your excuses into the bright light of day.

I want you to write down three excuses that you tend to make. And then I want you to write the truth beneath them. I’ll go first:

1. It’s hard to work out because I travel so much.
Not true. I won’t start speaking a lot and travelling a lot until April. It’s very easy right now to work out.

2. It’s hard to eat healthy because I have so many lunch meetings.
Not true. Nashville is full of healthy restaurants.

3. The workout my trainer gave me takes too long.
Not true. I just don’t give myself enough time at the gym.

The funny thing is that once you do this exercise, it’s harder to listen to those same excuses next time.

Get your pen, get your paper, get your Facebook group.

Let’s eliminate a few excuses.


Jon Acuff

okay so my hustle WHAT is to lose 3kg through healthier eating, no soda and no sweets and by getting up at 6am and exercising.  


so here goes. 

1.  its hard to get up earlier than everyone else because i sleep so bad.

yeah, i sleep bad.  sometimes it takes forever to go to sleep.  sometimes i’m awake for long periods in the night.  sometimes i’m awake multiple long periods in the night.  its my second life.  sometimes i’m only just going back to sleep at 4am after being awake since 2.  i think i just have to punch this excuse in the face and just do it regardless. 


2.  its hard to cut more things out or make other choices because of my allergies.

yeah it is.  i’m gluten/egg/nut/diary/fish/seafood/rawfood free.  that doesn’t give me some of the traditional options as some people trying to aim for a healthier lifestyle. i haven’t had takeaways in 18months.  but that also means that i’m doing something wrong still and have to make some changes.  hence the no soda and no sweets, which i confess was a bit out of control.   i’m 37 and i was eating the junk i can eat like i was 20 still.  those hips don’t lie.


3.  its too hot outside!

yeah.  summertime is lovely.  that’s why i’m getting up early, as the sun gets up, to counteract its heat.  i’m sure in a few months my excuse will be its too cold!  this week we’ve gone walking (kids on the scooters) 3 days in the morning and that is perfect, both as outings for the kids and another win for me.