today we’ve had a blip in our summer weather and its raining and cool enough for socks and a long sleeve cardy – so my plans for the day kind of went out the window.  so we had a impromptu biscuit decorating session, lathering NICE biscuits (which are dairy free!  thank you Jesus!) in icing and then adding toppings: jelly crystals, hundreds and thousands and icing in a tube.   sweet.  literally!  we then went to the library and have invited the boys that live next door over for the afternoon.




i totally don’t like durasealing so last year, after dutifully covering my kids books i discovered a cool product by a company called EZCOVER.  it’s an easy cover for your books.  reusable.  quick.  smart.  today Evangeline’s stationary order arrived (thanks OfficeMax!) and so i sat down and in 3 minutes flat had the whole lot covered.  happy sigh.  they have fantastic pre-teen boy stuff too (love the rugby one mum!  thanks!)




our garden has been enjoying the rain this week but its not super helpful for holiday activities.  though in the last few days we’ve managed to get out early and do a practice walk / scooter of caleb’s new biking route to his new school.   yesterday though the clouds rolled in and the wind rose and so it was a perfect afternoon to pull the curtains, pop some popcorn and watch a movie.  neither kids had seen Prince Caspian but we own it on DVD so after a bit of a twitter poll and online parental review we watched it.  Evangeline is a bit more daring in her movie choices than some girls her age, she LOVES star wars and loves action cartoons so i was mostly confident she would be fine.  apart from a few bits we forwarded through and covered eyes it was great  she loved it.  caleb loved it.  i loved it.  now we’re watching Voyage of the Dawn Treader on TV Sunday night to see if its suitable watching next week…




last night i watched SHERLOCK for the first time. the bbc version.  S3 has just started here in NZ and i confess, i hadn’t watched any of it before.  but i have always wanted to.  i think it was on at a funny time, or that something else was on that had my heart.  probably LOST.  anyway, i saw the S1 dvd series at the library earlier in the week so snapped up a chance at $2.10 to have it out for the week.  over the hols i love having evenings with antonio watching “something” engaging.  Last year when we went to Turangi we watched FRINGE S1 and we’ve done LOST marathons with friends on another holiday.  its like our holiday thing.  loving that the hobbit is watson!  and loving that when someone texts TEXT comes up on the screen.  its like a visual tick for me!  Both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are brilliant. 


Are there any series that you marathon watch? 



and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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