“So, how does then, the blood of Jesus cleanse our guilty conscience when the accusing begins in our inward man? Well, it works like this: You’re laying in bed, and here come the thoughts. You didn’t pray well today; you struggle with this; there’s no way God could be pleased with you; you stink at this; you could do this so much better; you tend to be lazy; you do this; you don’t do this; you should do this better. We, in that moment go, “You’re right! Thank God for Jesus!” So, then the Devil gets really discombobulated then, right. “Don’t go anywhere. Get a cup of coffee and tell me about how much I stink. Because when you do that, I become more and more and more overwhelmed by the fact that Christ loves me as a dirty sinner, and it’s the kindness that leads me to repentance.” And the conscience is clean, not by our own action, but by the action of Christ.” ~ Matt Chandler