Reading a great book on the Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – always wanting to upskill and be a better communicator for Jesus!

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By Mr. Carmine Gallo.

In his international bestseller, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience, Carmine Gallo reveals the techniques that have turned the Apple CEO into one of the world’s most extraordinary corporate storytellers. For more than three decades, Jobs has transformed product launches into an art form. Whether you are a CEO, manager, entrepreneur, business owner, sales or marketing professional, Steve Jobs has something to teach you.

A Steve Jobs presentation is an extraordinary event. Unlike most presentations which leave audiences confused and bored, a Steve Jobs presentation is intended to inform, educate and entertain. Here are ten ways to adopt his techniques in your very next presentation.

Plan in Analogue

Steve Jobs made his mark in the digital world of bits and bytes, but he plans presentations in the old world of pen and paper. A Steve…

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