Today is Day 16 in the 30 Days of Hustle and reminded us about the DIP that can sometimes happen when we’re dreaming.

you know, that moment when everything feels stagnate, including your heart.

when the going gets tough, and life interrupts.

when the shiny new thing feeling wears off.

when the results deflate your determination.

it happens when the novelty of the choices and the hustle become meh.


The concept is simple. Seth Godin argues that in any endeavor or goal there is a period of easy wins. He uses learning Spanish as an example. When you first start studying, it’s fun to pick up those initial words and you feel like you made some progress. But after this rise in your ability, you hit what he calls the Dip, a time when things get hard.

This is the valley of any adventure where most people quit. This is conjugating verbs or the 7 days in a row when the scale doesn’t move an inch. This is the Dip. And I would suggest that depending on what you are trying to do, it can start happening as early as day 16. So if you are in the Dip or will hit it soon, here are three things I think you should do:

1.    Admit it. Sometimes, just giving yourself permission to acknowledge that’s where you’re at is very freeing.
2.    Reconnect with your WHY. Remember that from day 2? Studies have shown that if we’ll reconnect with our WHY during difficult times it actually helps us get through them.
3.    Tell your WHO. Don’t go it alone. Tell the person who is holding you accountable what is going on.

The Dip isn’t fun, but it’s often where a lot of growth is hidden.

Jon Acuff


Dip happens.

it happened for me when i woke up at 2am on friday morning, knowing that the alarm was going off at ten past six regardless of how well i slept.

when the numbers stayed the same despite no soda and no sweets for 16 days.  16 DAYS peoples!

surely there must be a movement, a reflection of the effort and intention.


My WHY is so that i can feel more energetic, master nasty habits, be a better wife / mother / leader, be happier in my own skin.  its about going the distance and increasing capacity for every area of my life.  its about stepping out of the boat and living the dream.  its about living for health and strength.

My WHY reminds me of the core of my motivation, it is the prize i aim for.  Its the reason i can say no, because i’m saying YES to something greater.



When your dream takes a dip you’ve got to reconnect with your WHY and renew your motivation and purpose.    Its about finding new ways to reenergise your passion.  sometimes its about just doing it, even when  you don’t feel like it.


i like what Andy Stanley said in a recent YOUR MOVE podcast – I am doing a great work and i cannot come down.  its a quote from Nehemiah 6 when circumstances and people and negativity try to put a dip in Nehemiah’s dream.  Nehemiah keeps his eyes firmly on his WHY and HOW and resists the dip.  He is doing a great work and will not be discouraged or distracted.


I am doing a great work.  I will not come down.  I will not let the dip deter me or determine my destination.



What do you do to keep motivated when you hit the dip in pursuing your dream?