after being in hospital a fortnight ago tony and i made the most of the kids being with their granny and me not wanting to really move and caught The Hobbit.  it had being out intention to go to it at the movies that day anyway in the evening as a date night but we went mid afternoon and just relaxed in the lovely air conditioned theatre.  it was a great distraction and i did love the movie and how it makes it so come alive.  i loved seeing Evangeline Lilly do her stuff!   i love love love the closing song I SEE FIRE by ED SHEERAN.  i’ve heard it about six times since then while at the supermarket / shopping.  def win.



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on my christmas list for the past maybe 7 years has being The Revival Bible (edited by Winkie Pratney) and THIS YEAR i got it!  i read a bible plan on youversion each night so have reserved my Revival Bible for some special reading in the morning.  I’ve been getting up early and getting my hustle on and then reading my bible while i wait for the kids to wake up.  The Revival Bible has some revival history and other revival “stuff” and i love it!  i also love having a fresh bible, nothing underlined, brand new brimming with revelation!  and its super sweet, evangeline comes in at about 7.30 and reads with me.  i like holiday time for these precious moments!





when i was in hospital we hit a wall when i was finally able to eat.  in fact i NEEDED to eat to poop to go home (tmi?  oversharing?) but the hospital didnt have anything suitable for my allergies right then and there.  so i made an emergency food call to my lovely husband and sent him on a gluten/egg/dairy free bread search.  first port of call was my local NATURAL HEALTH FOOD CO but alas and alak they were out of the bread i could have.  so i sent antonio around the shop looking at other products.  and he found pide.  i love their pide.  bakeworks make the bread i can have and i did a happy dance when they made their pides and torpedo rolls.  he got me lots.  more than enough for hospital so i’ve had a few in the freezer, which is wonderful but also filled it up so that other things couldnt fit.  so the other night i made turkish pide pizza.  slice them in half, toast them in the oven, spread with pizza sauce and add gluten free ham and other toppings (tomato, capsicum).  bake again.  oh so good.  i think i was in pide heaven!  my tummy was so happy!




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today i took the kids to FROZEN.  wow.  so loved it.  fell in love with Kristoff and Elisa.  incredible singing talent for the whole cast.  stunning animation.  my nearly 12 yr old son and 8 yr old girl loved it too.



and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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