Yesterday we talked about our triggers, today we’re going to attack them.

One of the simplest, most proven methods of dealing with obstacles that block our goals is “If-Then statements.”

Here’s what they look like:

“If Jill calls and wants me to go out tomorrow night, then I will tell her I have to study and can’t.”

“If I have to fly cross country, then I will pack a healthy snack instead of eating something fatty at the airport.”

“If I feel discouraged about my progress, then I will call my accountability partner and get some encouragement.”

You basically take every trigger from yesterday and then write what you are going to do when it happens.

That’s today’s challenge. Write at least three If-Then statements done.

Jon Acuff 


so here goes.  here are my 3 IF – THEN statements to counter the triggers in my life

  • If i don’t sleep well and am tired when the alarm goes off, then i will get up anyway and just do it, because reality is i can go to bed earlier tonight or in the next few days.  i will find time to balance myself out and will not conk out. 
  • if i have a busy week i will be prepared and have the necessary food to eat in the fridge/freezer.  i will keep a loaf of my gluten free bread stocked in the freezer.  and i will not buy minties.
  • if i am feeling out of control or overwhelmed or bored then i will find something else to satisfy that gap, such as worship time, or writing time, or check in with the #30daysofhustle group.



today’s message at church, Leave the Arks Behind, was really challenging and timely in a good way.  i think some of the triggers have been arks that i have tried to go and rehabit again, instead of moving on to a new normal.  its about leaving the familiar and pressing forward to a better health and mental attitude and making myself available for the YES things of God. 

i know the season ahead has new arks and new adventures and though some of them freak me out God is with me and in me and it is HIS power and HIS Spirit at work in me to empower and qualify me for every task He has called me to.  i will not find refuge in an ark where i don’t belong.  

one of the pivotal parts of the message this morning pointed out that Noah didn’t receive the promise with the rainbow until he had left the ark and stepped out onto dry land, new land.  likewise, sometimes we have to step out and hustle and create a new normal, saying YES to God in overcoming these triggers by His grace, and then we receive the promise and the new call and new adventures.  

these steps forward, these overcoming moments, are not just hustle in themselves but are part of a bigger work of God, part of His process to transform me and make me who He has called me to be.