i love the beautiful picture that God paints in Hosea 2 about His love and His faithfulness.

for those who are not familiar with Hosea, it begins with a young prophet, who is commanded by God to marry and love a prostitute.  it is a picture of the faithfulness of God and the unfaithfulness of Israel/Judah – his bride.




I, the LORD, will build a fence of thorns to block her path. She will run after her lovers, but not catch them; she will search, but not find them. Then she will say, ” I’ll return to my first husband. Life was better then.” She didn’t know that her grain, wine, and olive oil were gifts from me, as were the gold and silver she used in worshiping Baal. So I’ll hold back the harvest of grain and grapes. I’ll take back my wool and my linen that cover her body. Then I’ll strip her naked in the sight of her lovers. No one can rescue her. I’ll stop Israel’s celebrations– no more New Moon Festivals, Sabbaths, or other feasts. She said, ” My lovers gave me vineyards and fig trees as payment for sex.” Now I, the LORD, will ruin her vineyards and fig trees; they will become clumps of weeds eaten by wild animals.  Hosea 2:6-12

Israel, I, the LORD,

will lure you into the desert

and speak gently to you.

I will return your vineyards,

and then Trouble Valley will become Hopeful Valley.

You will say ” Yes” to me

as you did in your youth,

when leaving Egypt.

I promise that from that day on, you will call me your husband instead of your master. I will accept you as my wife forever, and instead of a bride price I will give you justice, fairness, love, kindness, and faithfulness. Then you will truly know who I am. I will command the sky to send rain on the earth, and it will produce grain, grapes, and olives in Jezreel Valley. I will scatter the seeds and show mercy to Lo-Ruhamah. I will say to Lo-Ammi, ” You are my people,” and they will answer, ” You are our God.”    Hosea 2:14-17, 19-23

Hosea 2 is all about RESTORATION.

God will go to any length to RESTORE his bride, the one He loves.

He will restore and bring her back.

He is determined and resolute and will take action to restore her.

In the same way He regards Israel as His bride he calls us His bride, and His children. 

we are in relationship.  its personal.

Do you see what God does?  How he begins the restoration process…?

He builds a wall of thorns – He puts a painful obstacle in her way.

He breaks her down.

He removes all the comfort and ease.

He takes away the delight.

Broken down and broken hearted – these are tools God uses to restore.

He leads, He comforts, He repreminands.

He restores.  He refreshes.  He renews.  He gives rest.


How is this in real life?

you can see it eh… played out in real life.

you can try to run but you cannot hide from God.

God will go to any length to bring us home.

He will use obstacles as opportunities to bring restoration.

He sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our salvation.

stop running.

stop running.

lean on God.  find Him.

find Him again.

know your God.

be His again.

find rest in Him.


God loves us.  he knows us.  he knows how many hairs we have on our head and how many hairs on our toes.  he desires the best for us.  he created us to know him.  He sent Jesus to die on the cross for us so we can be forgiven and new and clean and acceptable to Him.  in Him we find rest for our souls, peace with God.

i believe that there are times in our life when we turn our back on God.  when we refuse to listen to His counsel and guiding and we make the choice to follow our own desires.  in these times will God abandon us to our wrong choice, to our rebellion, to our weakness?  no never.  He may let us walk these wrong roads as a life lesson.  but in that He is always watching and with us and calling us back to himself.

God’s love is everlasting.  His grace covers over our sin.  but we must walk with Him and close to Him and draw near to Him and obey Him.

Hosea is a picture of the love and grace and faithfulness of God.  it shows us how much God loves us and how He wants to restore, redeem and rescue us.