Today is about triggers.

Alcoholics Anonymous often uses the phrase HALT to describe the four most difficult moments to resist a drink.

H = Hungry
A = Angry
L = Lonely
T = Tired

Over the last few decades, they’ve identified those four states as triggers, things likely to help trigger a breakdown.

I think HALT works well when it comes to goal chasing too. I know that when I am tired and exhausted from business travel for instance, it’s hard for me to eat well and exercise. In addition to those four things though, let’s figure out what other triggers might hurt your progress.

As you survey your life, are there triggers that tend to knock you down?

Today’s task is to identify your triggers.

Jon Acuff


i know all about triggers. 

2 years ago i had to go gluten free and then in September that year i did 6 weeks salicylate free diet and then in October went dairy free.

for a year i didn’t go to any takeaway places and wouldn’t drive to pick food up.  the smell in the car, a small enclosed space, would trigger me to so crave what i so couldn’t have, what so made me sick.  spicy chicken burger patties, on a fresh, soft hamburger bun.  fresh bread from the bakery on a sunday for lunch after church.  morning tea at our mumstime.  nacho chips at the best housegroup in the world.  marmite on toast, white, soft toast…yeah, that was a bad one.  good timing for marmigate to happen. 

certain foods and smells would trigger crazy feelings, and a bad attitude. 

so i guess i have a heads up when it comes to making wiser food choices and cutting soda and sweets out of my menu, because i’ve had to give up so much before.  this time its harder because i am ALLOWED to eat sweets and soda, but now i’m CHOOSING not to.


but like jon acuff says in the day 10 email, its about being aware of the triggers than enables us to overcome them. 

its about being aware where you’re vulnerable and weak so you can be strong.  or you can get people around you to help you.  or new strategies to scaffold the changes.  and encouragement that yes, you can do this.


i know if i haven’t slept well, i’m not going to want to get up and expend energy by working out or i’m worried that i’ll conk out when i need to be awake and functioning.  i have a sleeping disorder so sometimes have another life at night (awake alot)

i know if i have been too busy, then i’m looking ahead at my life and wondering where the give is going to take and let my guard down.

when i’m busy i tend to reach for the easy to eat foods, as nothing really i SHOULD eat is just grab and eat.  so instead i reach for chips and sweets.  being unorganised and on the rush is a trigger.

minties.  fullstop.

if i feel out of control then i try and control what i can control.  out of controlness is a trigger.  for a long time i felt like my body was betraying me, with allergies and reactions and eczema and sleeping problems.  i would have a reaction to “safe food” that would sometimes send my brain and body into a frizz.  i felt for a long time that i was living wound up.  that combined feeling of tired and overwhelmed makes me scramble to gain some kind of foothold in my life.  

i know having certain foods (aka soda and sweets) in the pantry are going to call out to me, when i’m feeling bored, when i’m tired, at the end of the day, when i’m feeling like sugar.


its been 9 days since i’ve had any soda or sweets and i’ve lost 1.5kg already.  yay me. 

next week the hustle starts for real.  getting up early, 6.30am in holiday time, to workout.  i’m a bit freaked that i’m going to woss out.