my life is made up of rhythms.

rhythms we have intentionally created and purposefully woven into the fabric of our life.

bible and prayers with the kids, every night, round 6.50pm, together.

my own bible reading time, using the m’cheyne reading plan on youversion in the evening

early night tuesday / washing day monday & thursday & weekends

worship wednesday

vitamin d, probiotic and supplement first thing in the morning

i have a rhythm for what i do in the morning when i wake up, i have a rhythm for what i do in the evening for going to bed


as a mother my life is all about rhythm and schedules, not as concrete as when my kids were babies but still the world revolves around scheduling and to be honest, meal times and washing


each day has its rhythm of events:

SAS Monday & Tuesday

Mentoring Monday nights

The best housegroup in the world Wednesday

Mums Time Thursday

Ballet Thursday

Date night Friday

Church Sunday


there are a few new rhythms that i’m intentionally choosing and repeating until they become unforced and natural

making my husband coffee when he gets home from work (i so appreciate him, but im not very thoughtful!)

getting up early, before everyone, to make the most of the alone time to exercise

no soda and sweets (unless socialising)

losing 3kg (which is about 7pounds, my kids were 7.3pounds which was 3.something kgs)


i’ve been doing the #30days hustle with jon acuff and encouraged by the emails and fb group associated with the “programme”

after settling on just one WHAT the hustle seems to be contagious in other areas of my life

i’ve decluttered some of our bedroom, my desk, gone through the bookcase and sent stuff up to the attic (and again my husbands muscles)

it feels great.  really great.  like i’m moving forward.

next week the hustle gets real with getting up early before the kids (on holiday time!  mission!) as i’ve taken this week slow after my hospital adventure – i’ve made my hustle realistic and grace-filled


today’s 30 DAYS OF HUSTLE challenge was to cut our hustle goal, our WHAT in half.


You heard me, get that goal out and reduce it by 50%.

Why? Because are two types of goals:
1.    Be Good Goals
2.    Get Better Goals

Be Good Goals tend to be based on trying to prove something. To gain praise or attention or status. Get Better Goals are about improving. And according to just about every study I could get my hands on (including several in the fantastic book “Succeed,” which is where I learned this concept) Get Better Goals are way better for you.

You see, somewhere along the way, we try to be perfect with our goals. We say “Failure is not an option” as if we are astronauts. Then when we miss the mark, even by a little, we give up. We confuse our big vision, from yesterday, with big actions today as if we have to accomplish our future with one swing of the bat.

But it’s only January. We’ve got all year to accomplish what we want. If you really want to see life change, work on getting better, not being seen as being good.

Jon Acuff 


it’s about creating new rhythms, that become the habits and practice of my life

not about checking boxes and getting gold stars