The O’Briens are the kind of people who you’re proud to know – they embrace life, they live beyond themselves in so many ways. They are real life heroes of ours. Cat even has a medal to prove it.  I’ve known The Obrien’s since Dunedin days, i was even at their wedding (such an awww wedding) and they continue to inspire me and rock it out and live it real.  They did a cool thing a month or so ago.  They took their 3 kids to the mall and gave them each $2 to spend. They also made a $2 purchase each.  They then took a photo of the five purchases, didn’t say who bought what, and had their facebook friends vote on the coolest item.  (thanks Fee for the intro – everything you’ve said i couldnt have said better!)

So – we did our own #obrienstyle challenge today, the weather was kind of meh and i am still half feeling meh so today was da da da, the day!   I confess though we did it as a $3 challenge as what i saw and entered was $3… flexibility is fine i am sure in these kinds of things!


so then we posted a pic of the purchases up on FB and let the voting begins.  yes there will be a prize for the winner.


A – sticky flex magic ninjas. B – jandals. C – green glasses. D – nail polish. Vote by leaving the letter in the comment section.

Ps this was a fun cost-beneficial way to spend the afternoon