10 Secrets You Should Know About Marriage

There are few people who really know what they’re getting into when it comes to getting married. We all have an idea of what marriage is all about. We have hopes, dreams and expectations of what it will look like. We watch movies, TV shows and even observe marriages in the world around us to try and get a glimpse of this thing we call holy matrimony. But we don’t really know until we’re there, do we?

1. Marriage is more intimate than sex

2. Marriage reveals selfishness, but can also cultivate selflessness

3. Oneness literally means one
4. At some point, you will be disappointed
5. Like it or not, you will learn the meaning of forgiveness
6. Marriage will cost you
7. Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a series of decisions
8. Marriage will require you to learn how to communicate
9. Marriage is not the end of your destination.
10. Marriage gives you a glimpse of so much more

There are many routes to holiness, and marriage is definitely one of those routes. I am a different person because of this sacred relationship, and I know God’s not finished with me yet. I’m so thankful for the blessing of marriage, and look forward to what lies ahead.




Supernatural Help by DREAM CULTURE

Success is knowing that GOD IS WITH ME. It is He who qualifies me, strengthens me, promotes me, causes me to increase. I still need to do what is in my hand, adjust my thoughts to line up with His thoughts, manage me; but it is God WITH ME that is my guarantee of success regardless of the circumstances (remember success to Jesus wasn’t avoiding death). With that truth as my anchor and foundation, I can navigate any storm. And the evidence of God with me is peace and rest. I must choose to enter His peace and rest, especially when I get my eyes on the circumstance or storm that surrounds me (or is just inside my head).

So what is your storm? What are the crazy thoughts that are trying to derail you on your journey to live the impossible? What is the core fear or lie behind that? Now what does God want to say to you?




Dear Kids: What You Need to Know About Duck Dynasty, Justine Sacco, and Christmas by A Holy Experience

Words leave your mouth, your keyboard, but words don’t ever expire quietly in a void — they always explode in hearts.

Every verb you utter causes a corresponding action, a movement, in every listener.

Measure your words — they determine the distance of your relationships.

Type up a Facebook status update — and it can be radioactive forever. Don’t be fooled by your keyboard: the Internet doesn’t have a delete button. Screenshots can make your words have a half life of eternity. Social media is exactly that — social. It impacts you socially for as long as you are a member of society.

One tweet can be the last tick in the bomb that detonates your life.

Speak slow. Off-the-cuff words too often slap.





Eliminate the fear of failing

Understand he or she may be afraid to ask

Give consistent, constructive, encouraging feedback

Tell them what they need to know, but don’t know to ask

Give them a seat at the table of influence






One of the things Jesus commissioned His followers to do is to not just make converts, but make disciples.

However, the church has seemed to take the word “discipleship” and made it out to be one of the most confusing, boring and irrelevant things we talk about.