today is Day 5 of 30 DAYS OF HUSTLE and today it’s all about the WHEN. 



Let’s talk WHEN!

It’s fun to plan our goals for someday, but as you know, someday doesn’t really exist. It’s make believe. If you really want to accomplish something, you have to decide WHEN you are going to do it. Otherwise, you dramatically reduce your odds of actually doing it.

So, WHEN are you going to work on your goal?

There are two ways I want you to answer this question:
1.    Macro
2.    Micro

Let’s talk macro. I want you to look at your calendar for the next 25 days. Circle days that it’s going to be difficult for you to hustle on your goal.

Now the micro, at what time of day will you do what you are going to do?

Get out your calendar. Get macro. Get micro. Get focused on the WHEN!



my goal in the next 30 days is to loose 3 kgs.  (which may not sound much – i’m not sure if its an under goal) (i think its about 7 pounds.  my kids were both 7.30 which was 3.2kg)

  • i will get up at 6.30am during the weekdays and exercise.  this will shift to 5.30am in school term time (eek!)
  • i will set boundaries on my snacking choices and reduce the “white” portion size with meals.
  • i’m only going to drink soda “with people” on social occasions (which this month will be few as we’re really slowing down and taking a break)


for me this whole 30 days is a bit of a tricky when as i’m totally out of usual routine as its holiday time and the kids are home until the first week of feb. but that means i can include some HOW and WHEN into the challenge by including activities that involve being active.  we’re hoping to head to our local botanical gardens and to a few other exciting places like that which will involve our legs and feet.  the kids can bring their scooters and i’ll be walking.   

but the overall plan is that that during the weekdays i’ll be making specific morning times to workout, with an extra push on a Wednesday which is a people free morning.   i plan to do some of the dvd/xbox exercise programmes i have, namely jillian michaels and also a 30day alover body workout programme from the net.

my hardest times are the weekend, as i sleep in and we have church on sunday but i can create some more intentional active family time.

at the mo though, post hospital, this week is take it slow.  no workouts and lots of sleep.