so its day 3 on the 30 DAY HUSTLE with jon acuff and i feel a bit one step backwards after a 24 hour emergency stay in hospital… but we’ll get there!


HOW are you going to accomplish your goal during these 30 days?


my goal in the next 30 days is to loose 3 kgs.  (which may not sound much – i’m not sure if its an under goal) (i think its about 7 pounds.  my kids were both 7.30 which was 3.2kg)

  • i will get up at 6.30am during the weekdays and exercise.  this will shift to 5.30am in school term time (eek!)
  • i will set boundaries on my snacking choices and reduce the “white” portion size with meals.
  • i’m only going to drink soda “with people” on social occasions (which this month will be few as we’re really slowing down and taking a break)



hospital was probably a really good springboard for cutting out the white stuff and soda – i didnt eat for 48 hours and now that i am again its been pretty plain and i feel i can go forward in a more cleaner way.  like a sudden detox of the stuff that was holding me back.  i wont be getting up early this week though and i’ll be taking it slow.  but i’m moving forward.