When we’re living our lives with intentional gratitude we’re fixing our eyes upon Jesus and agreeing YES He is good and YES He is faithful and YES He is Lord and YES He is the one who loves us!  Gratitude is an expression of faith.

1000 things




Be joyful: Intentionally look around for measures of joy each day. There is joy in simply being alive and in being redeemed by God. Remember, joy is a choice we make, not a feeling we hope to get from our circumstances. It’s good to look for the good, to celebrate it even in small ways. Doing so is a moment of victory.  Lysa TerKeurst



2576.  that i am home.  from the hospital.  after what seems a surreal 48 hours.  started with major pain on thursday night, and passing out and feeling really terrible i had some other stuff go on early friday morning which sent me to the hospital a&e and our kids to a friends house.  i was admitted straight in, bypassing the waiting room and then began that lovely process of discovering what was up and what was causing the pain and bleeding.    it was a hard number of hours and at about 1am i was admitted to a ward for the night and had a drip hooked up.  they were intending to some some other tests saturday morning but i’ll have them as an outpatient to rule out serious causes of what was going on.  so thankful to be home, and in my own bed, and a hot shower!


2577.  angels by my bedside


2578.  my ever supporting husband


2579.  my ever resilient happy children, who prayed for a miracle and high fived when one happened and i was allowed home


2580.  my ever gracious friends who took the kids and made it an adventure for them


2581.  my ever loving family who were ready to drop anything and help and texted me lots of love


2582.  my ever praying mumstime group who made me smile and feel loved


2583.  my ever amazing housegroupies who prayed


2584.  my ever wonderful friends who prayed and loved


2585.  food!  though that was a bit of a drama in itself.  being gluten/diary/egg/nut/fish/seafood/raw fruit is kinda a  challenge for the foodies there.  yay for tony who did an emergency food dash for me and dropped it in so i could eat and poop and go home.  and after no food or drink for 40 hours, man food is good.


2586.  nurses and drs.  wow they are wonderful. 


2586.  jesus is near


2587.  a good book


2588.  ipod and new worship.  so good to drown out the beeps and sounds of people in my room, and across the hall, snoring and sleep talking


2589.  my own bed!


2590.  The River


2591. twitter and fb


2592.  movie nights – me and antonio love the holidays for movie nights – we’ve watched captain america, jack reacher, and and and something else i cant remember!  but its great to snuggle up and watch decent things!


2593.  board games.  the kids and i have been having fun these holidays with board games… esp when its either too hot or like today, rainy.  we’ve done monopoly, settlers, guess who (star wars) and various card games


2594.  words beginning with R


2595.  oceans by hillsong


2596.  His Presence


2597.  #30 Days of Hustle


2598.  podcasts


2599.  good friends, new years, grapetize, settlers, man of steel #welcome2014


2560.  star wars VI – return of the jedi – snuggling with evangeline and loving the ewoks


2561.  new things



“Too often I miss Him, oblivious, blind. I don’t see all the good things that He is giving me, gracing me with, brushing my life with. True, He is everywhere, always. Before I thought of Him as further off, not so close. When I started to see all the things that I love bestowed upon me, I started to see Him as near, present, everywhere, showering me with good things. Seeing the things I love all around me gives me eyes to see that I am loved, that He loves me.” Ann Voskamp

so there we go.  venturing on in life to 3000 things that i am grateful for…