*** tweets from Cross Conference with Matt Chandler preaching



"When God saves you, he doesn’t do it because you gave him permission. He did it because he’s God."

"There isn’t a violent soul on the planet that God might not save and transform for himself."

God could’ve just destroyed Saul who was ravaging the Way, but It pleased the Father to reveal the Son to Paul. By grace alone!

"It brings God pleasure to reveal Himself to us and save us."

"It brought the heart of God pleasure to save Saul of Tarsus."

The conversion of Paul from persecutor to apostle gives us confidence for those even violently opposed to Christ.

Saul of Tarsus wasn’t seeking Jesus or doubting his own doubts; Jesus didn’t care. He kicked him off his horse!


“Everyday we are being discipled about what life is about. Paul declares with conviction: TO LIVE IS CHRIST!”

"The god of our generation is comfort. Suffering is only looked on as something to be solved."

"Paul says ‘To live is Christ’ because he knows that all other paths are bankrupt."

To live is Christ means that Jesus is supreme over every thing in life including the best things in life.

"Too often we live according to our version of Christ than to truly live for Him."

"We agree with ‘To live is Christ,’ but so many areas of our lives aren’t even about Him."

You can’t say "to live is Christ" until you hold Him as more valuable than anything in this world. All else is rubbish

"To take up your cross is to consider it better to die than to live for something other than Jesus."

“To live is Christ means I have seen the surpassing knowledge of knowing Christ above all other things.”

"If Christ is our treasure than our lives should be marked by Him."

"The motivation [to go to hard places] must be, ‘Christ is my treasure.’"


"Every missionary I know is extraordinarily ordinary. Everything they do, they do by the grace of God."