so yesterday began the 30 DAYS OF HUSTLE with jon acuff and a courageous group (now on fb) of people wanting to get stuff done and see change in their life.

yesterday our task was to set ONE THING as our WHAT.  what is the ONE THING you’re going to see change in in 30 days.

today’s task is about the WHY for our WHAT.

Day 2

Here we go!

A WHAT goal is great. It’s a fun start, but it’s not enough. We need a WHY goal too.

What’s a WHY goal? It’s the heart of the reason you actually want to accomplish that goal.

To quit smoking for a month is a WHAT goal.

To make sure you’re always around for the people you love is the WHY goal.
To pay off your debt is a WHAT goal.

To be able to take your kids to Disney with the money you save now that your student loans are done is the WHY goal.

So, WHY are you doing what you’re doing?

The reason answering this question is so important is that WHAT tends to wear out eventually. Come day 8 or day 18, WHAT won’t feel that important. Life will be busy again and you’ll be tired again and that goal was silly anyway. WHY on the other hand lasts longer. Under the true light of life, WHY goals tend to buoy us better than WHAT goals.

Jon Acuff 


my ONE THING is this:

my goal in the next 30 days is to loose 3 kgs.  (which may not sound much – i’m not sure if its an under goal) (i think its about 7 pounds.  my kids were both 7.30 which was 3.2kg)

  • i will get up at 6.30am during the weekdays and exercise.  this will shift to 5.30am in school term time (eek!)
  • i will set boundaries on my snacking choices and reduce the “white” portion size with meals.
  • i’m only going to drink soda “with people” on social occasions (which this month will be few as we’re really slowing down and taking a break)


so now the WHY of my WHAT as per day two’s task:

i want to loose 3kg in this 30 days because it makes me feel better energy wise and also confidence wise.  it will set me up health wise to live the life i am going to live this year as i believe the fitter and stronger i am the more output i can make.  i have let this area become undisciplined in the last year after a major health shock in 2012 so believe that really this is part of a 3 year lifestyle change. with some of my other health challenges i need to be looking after myself and maximising energy.  and i want to fit the pair of jeans that i had to put away in the wardrobe.