i love jon acuff.  i read both Quitter and Start last year and loved them both.  i think EVERYONE needs to read START.  yes, seriously.

so when i got an invitation to join a 30 day programme called 30 DAYS OF HUSTLE

30 Days of Hustle is based on one simple idea, Get Stuff Done. Turns out 98% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. Not this year. Using scientifically proven methods to knock out our goals, we will be collectively storming through 2014.

Tasks will be emailed out daily to members of the group.


So this is today’s auspicious task:

1.    Find one thing you are going to do in the next 30 days.
2.    Make it specific. (Don’t say, “I’ll get in shape,” say, “I’ll lose 5 pounds.”)
3.    Make sure its your goal and not someone else’s goal. According to Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. “People are even better at keeping their New Year’s resolutions when they feel that the resolutions reflect their own personal desires and values.”
4.    Write it down and post it somewhere you will see it.
5.    Share it in the 30 Days of Hustle Facebook group.


i have a few ideas floating around, options that snap into focus, that i evaluate and consider.  i’m blessed i have a few rhythms already in place in my life, like regular bible reading. like writing time.  i have a few new projects on the go for this year, but until term time comes they’re kind of just in simmer mode and i dont know enough information yet to create a 30 day goal around them.

but i think the one that will kickstart the year will be to loose 3kg.  this has its own flow through of new goals and more importantly new behaviours. 

its also manageable and doable in this holiday time when i have the kids home for the next 30 days.  perhaps if it wasn’t holiday time my hustle might look different.   it has a few food challenges in that because of OAS i dont eat raw food or fruit, but it means i need to make better snacking choices and meal planning, reducing the white and increasing the veges.

i’m gluten/egg/dairy/nut/fish free and have OAS which makes food complicated, which means that i don’t have some of the food hurdles and options i used to.  which also means that i’m going to have to really look at what i eat and how much. 

i think this will kickstart new rhythms and health that will carry me forward into 2014 and the adventures that await and the new projects im venturing onto.  health sustains vision.


so, here it goes.

my goal in the next 30 days is to loose 3 kgs.  (which may not sound much – i’m not sure if its an under goal)

  • i will get up at 6.30am during the weekdays and exercise.  this will shift to 5.30am in school term time (eek!)
  • i will set boundaries on my snacking choices and reduce the “white” portion size with meals.
  • i’m only going to drink soda “with people” on social occasions (which this month will be few as we’re really slowing down and taking a break)