“i am doing a great work and can not come down” Nehemiah 6:3

Nehemiah was in charge of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. His enemies had tried many methods to stop the work and then they realised that it all hinged on Nehemiah and invited him to the valley of “Oh No” to assassinate him.

Nehemiah responded with “I am doing a great thing and I can’t come down”

In our lives the message is: Don’t be distracted, don’t come off the wall.

You are doing a great work and can not come down.

If Nehemiah had come off the wall he would of been killed. If we don’t give attention to the wall in our lives then it could destroy us.  You have no idea of the result of your building, of being focused, of doing the great work and not coming down.  In your families, in your church, in your ministry, in your school and workplace.  in your life.  You are doing a great thing.

God is doing a great thing through you.  You are positioned by God in your life for such a time as this.  you are called to know God and make Him known.  To demonstrate the reality of His love and grace.

Coming down can compromise and halt the great work of God in your life.

What is calling you down off the wall?

What is distracting you from the great thing?

What strategies is the enemy using to pull you away from your purpose?

Mend the breaches.
Invest in the priorities.
Build the wall.

I am doing a great work and i cannot come down.

Lean into God’s will for your life and build the wall.

Don’t give time to things that destroy your focus.

“i am doing a great work and can not come down” Nehemiah 6:3

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