thanks 2013 for being an adventure – from light therapy to holidays in turangi and whiritoa, to Illuminate and His Presence and The Weekender, from break ins and break downs, from Leading and Loving It and The Best Housegroup In The Worldand The River, from both kids getting baptised, from caleb graduating primary and getting into BBI, all the milestones and memories – bring on 2014!



i preached: How To Live When The Wheels Fall Off

read:  What Did You Expect?

saw: Les Miserables



life events: the kids went back to school, our son Caleb got baptized, begun light therapy, celebrated  12 Years married, watched #JUSTONE Leading and Loving It web conference, joined the Daughters women’s team at church, kicked the best housegroup in the world off for another year

preached: Worship @ Housegroup

read: Pursued by Jud Wilhite 



life events: tony broke the train, parent helped at the howick historical village school field trip, celebrated one year gluten free

read: jesus is by judah smith, undaunted by christine caine

listened to: the jesus is ___ music project by the city church

preached: Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy @ housegroup,

wrote: Living An Uncontained Life #7 (which was going to be a preach but the Holy Spirit came that night and that was sweet!)


life events: step up night for Daughters, caleb turned 11, we holidayed in turangi, we had our stuff stolen in turangi, the kids went fishing for the first time, our church hosted leonard jones, Shine Bright Like A Diamond dance by evangeline and her friends at the school talent quest (they got 3rd), named our women’s conference, turned 20 as a christian, led UNGLUED by lysa terkeurst in our mumstime group

watched: fringe season 1

preached: Run The Race {Jonah}

read: you are already amazing by holly gerth



read: brand against the machine by John Michael Morgan

watched: star trek into the darkness

listening to: Zion by Hillsong

life events: caleb and tony went on school camp and had amazing adventures, had a freak out moment (and life lesson), had my parents up on holiday, went to the auckland museum, started the One Passion One Devotion FB page, 

preached: Leadership 101 @ housegroup, Dry Bones



life events: turned 37, had our ILLUMINATE Daughter’s Conference (with all its twists!), learned how to jumpstart a car

preached: {Girls Night} Boys, Dating and God (to the youth chicks), Vision & Purpose {Housegroup}, ILLUMINATE Conference {Gideon}, started Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst with our mumstime group

listened to: without words by bethel



life events: babysat a guinea pig, began leading my own Leading and Loving It ConnectLIVE group, started leading our River Greeters team, soccer and rugby for caleb

watched: Wolverine

preached: Revival starts with ME

read: What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa Terkeurst 

listened to: Glorious Ruins by Hillsong



read: Leading and Loving It by Brandi Wilson and Lori Wilhite, Start by Jon Acuff, the Happiness Advantage

life events: celebrated antonio turning 40 and Evangeline turning 8 and her getting baptised, joined a P31 online bible study, begun Bits + Pieces as a regular feature on here, went to some intermediate open days



listened to: Tides by Bethel

life event: HIS PRESENCE CONFERENCE @ The River, began contributing to New Zealand Christian Mum, joined in and watched #JUSTONE web conference, became a bible in schools teacher (eeek!), caleb getting into BBI (total miracle!)



preached: On The Path @ housegroup, Lazarus Is Dead!

life events: performing arts night at HPS, holidayed at wiritoa, book character dress up day at HPS, started Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage course with our mumstime group, Light Party, completed BIS training, celebrated one year dairy free

listening to: KINGDOM COME by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

read: Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage

watched: iron man



life events: The Weekender, breaking down,  fireworks night at the farm with church, mum up for a weeks holiday, ballet show, new dishwasher, Bible in Schools assembly, ran 2 nights on sex & relationships with our young adults (yay Mark Gungor)

listened to: Zion The Acoustic Sessions by Hillsong

watched: The Butler, The Help,

read: Torn by Jud Wilhite



life events: Christmas, River Kids Christmas Production, end of school prizegiving, graduation for caleb from primary school, caleb got an amazing haircut, begun the dreamers series on the blog, Daughters Christmas Festivities night, housegroup ho ho ho christmas party, thankyou desert night,  howick santa parade, finished Mainly Music (forever for me), was pastor for a night and went to MTC Grad to celebrate the River grads

read: Ted Dekker “the circle” series

watched: Captain America, Man of Steel, Jack Reacher