i confess that this is the fruit i need the most

as a mother

it is the fruit i need to zip my mouth when i want to snap and keep snapping a diatribe when i feel frustrated with behaviour or how many socks i have to wash

it is the fruit i need to be still instead of to slam doors and crash dishes when i feel out of control emotionally

it is the fruit i need to not transfer my angst at said socks and children again onto my husband

it is the fruit i need to speak peace and grace instead of hostility and bitterness

it is the fruit that keeps an atmosphere of hope, of construction, of growth instead of shame and fear and hopelessness

it is the fruit i need to keep present instead of hiding away into meaningless distraction

it is the fruit that gives me perspective

it is the fruit that causes me to pause

it is the fruit i pray for and ask God for His wisdom to covet it and seek it

it is the fruit i need the most

help me Jesus



Imagine our children saying,”We knew God because we saw God’s love in our parents, and that equipped us to live a fearless life.”‪#‎lovingourkidsonpurpose‬  ~ Danny Silk



Self-control is not the ability to say no to bad things. Self-control is the ability to say yes to something so completely that all other options are eliminated–including things that aren’t necessarily bad in themselves but that would distract you from pursuing the thing that is most important and valuable to you. ~ Danny Silk







  1. 1.

    a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.

    "a diatribe against consumerism"

    tirade, harangue, verbal onslaught, verbal attack, stream of abuse,denunciation, broadside, fulmination, condemnation, criticism,stricture, reproof, reproval, reprimand, rebuke, admonishment,admonition; More