*** church notes from The River – Pastor Peter Morton speaking


2 kings 6

Elisha can hear the enemy because of Gods power

The prophet and his servant were surrounded

His eyes were opened and he saw the angel armies

The facts had not changed but the servants perspective did

The servants heart was filled with fear until he opened his eyes to what God was doing

Analogy of music speakers and music mixing

perspective is more about how you interpret the facts vs the facts themselves



1 Turn up the testimonies
Eg david, God delivered me from the lion and the bear

Mix your life with faith

Sometimes we can doubt God because of one experience or one day

Keep a testimony list do that you remember who God is and what He does

Build your faith

Psalm 103 forget not His benefits

Remembering His faithfulness stirs faith and changes our perspective

2 Reframe your loses
Joseph, sold off by his brothers into slavery, put in prison, then dreamed and became prime minister

What you meant for evil God intended out for good

Reframe your losses
All things romans 8:28

There are times when following jesus means we will walk through the fire, daniel 3

Jesus is in the fire with you
the fire burned off all the chains, sometimes freedom comes in the fire

They didnt even smell like fire

You get a sense of what people smell like
You can have peace in the fire
Sometimes though people stink of the fire because they haven’t walked with jesus and have wrong perspective

but I want to be defined by the jesus who walked through the fire

isaiah 6 holy holy holy
The four living creatures saw the whole earth filled with the glory of God

Get a God perspective

3 remind yourself that the best is yet to come
judges 6 gideon
Mighty warrior
Hiding scared
Gideon had lost perspective, he was talking to an ANGEL!!!
God was about to move and bring change

The truth is the best is yet to come

dont let the devil kill, steal and destroy
Mute the testimonies, amplifying the loses, saying its all bad

But jesus came to give us life