lol…. my kids love stampy too – and seriously his voice is just part of the noise of our family sometimes!


Twas a dark day.

Yesterday started out like any typical Monday. The cat woke me up before 5 AM by scratching on everything in my bedroom. My five-year-old woke up an hour later and came downstairs. Wthout so much as a, “Good morning,” she made her usual demand these days.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she said in a groggy voice, “I want to watch Stampy.”

The little one always watches a Mr. Stampy Cat video before getting ready for school each day. For the uninitiated, Stampylongnose is the moniker of a young man from England who uploads various Let’s Play videos to his YouTube channel on a daily basis. There are many YouTubers out there who record videos of themselves playing video games with their own running commentaries. These are called Let’s Play videos. Some are instructional, while others are just for fun. Stampy’s Minecraft videos are quite popular with…

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