i listened to this via podcast the other night and thought it was EXCELLENT.  i thought it had some clear straight forward answers to some of the questions that young adults are asking… the how far is too far? type thing for life… 

i really like the framework of questions it encourages us to ask ourselves when pursuing a course of action… What does the Bible say? What do older, wiser Christians say? What is the wise thing to do? and will be filtering that into my language when mentoring or doing housegroup sessions.

i think we need to create an internal dialogue that asks those questions and surrenders our life to the answers, surrendering our life to Jesus and His ways and His love. 





A recap from Pastor Perry Noble’s sermon "Can A Christian Smoke, Drink and Watch R-Rated Movies?" in 140 characters or less:

1. Everything we do affects everyone we know.

2. The Christian life is not about getting permission to do what I want, but about living in submission to all that God wants.

3. There is complete freedom in submission to Jesus.

4. Jesus’ plans for our lives are greater than our plans for our lives.

5. When making decisions, ask: What does the Bible say? What do older, wiser Christians say? What is the wise thing to do?

6. Submission leads us to ask not "What can I do?" but "What’s the wise thing to do?"

7.What you think about continuously, you will do eventually.

8. In light of my past experiences, my present realities and my future hopes, what is the wise thing to do?

9. It’s not what a person is doing that matters, it’s what’s in their heart that matters.

10.I don’t want to be the church that’s more concerned with what’s in someone’s refrigerator than what’s in their heart. ‪#‎YouAskedForIt‬