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i’m probably leaning on the extra extroverts scale… but i’m married to an intro and a high proportion of our housegroup peeps are introverted… so i like to give myself some tools so i dont freak them out and so that i can do life with them… Quiet was a really interesting read about the power of introvertedness and strengths of being wired this way.



TheButler the_help1

speaking of quiet heroes – when mum was up we watched THE HELP on dvd and went to THE BUTLER at our local movie theatre.  Both carry interesting taglines: Change begins with a whisper (The Help) and One quiet voice can ignite a revolution.  Both were stunning movies, disturbing to think of how recent they are history wise and the deplorable behaviour of some people and the prevailing thoughts of a majority and the revolution that stirred as a result of ordinary people making a quiet stand.  both beautiful in their acting and costuming.  watching The Butler with my mum, at the movies, was hilarious as i was the youngest person by far in the theatre and those there wanted to give historical commentary as they watched.  aka older people talked in normal voices because they cant hear a whisper means i got to overhear some interesting insights.  was wonderful!  i wonder what movies they’ll make about our generation…?




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we had our wonderful church annual fireworks & bonfire night last weekend, a week after guy Fawkes because of the rain.  was great fun, with good bbq food, good conversation, the young (mostly) guys getting on the field and playing something loosely resembling gridiron with a skyball, feeding animals, sparklers for the kids and the highlight, the huge HOT bonfire and fireworks. 



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my mum was up from the South Island last week for a few days holiday with us.  Cue bring out the craft things evangeline had been given for her birthday (that are in the too hard basket for craft-challenged mummy!) this however rocked.  the cupcake pillow doesnt involve sewing put you press the little bits of fabric in to make swirly puffy bits.  dont mock my lingo!  def recommend for non crafters and kids!






and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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