this has been a hot topic in our housegroup and so i’ll def be listening to this sermon by Newspring church.  where do i fall down on this one – that if you’re really saved, you’re always saved.  that its grace that saved me and grace that will keep me.  i didnt earn salvation and cant pay it back.  my behaviour fell short before and falls short now.  but oh am i glad for salvation and grace that changes me from the inside positionally from sinner to saint, from sinful to righteous.  i live in that reality and that hope and worship the One who gave His life for me to make me innocent.  anything i do and any right way i live i live in response to His great love.

1. You can’t lose your salvation if it’s really real.

2. Instead of "Can I lose my salvation?", the better question to ask is "Were you ever really saved?"

3.When you’re saved, the curse is reversed.

4.Believing in Jesus is not a historical fact that happened back then. It’s a present reality that’s happening now.

5.Professing salvation is different than possessing salvation.

6. When Jesus lives in your heart, He won’t move out but He will clean house.

7. The best proof that you’re not saved: You think you can live any way you want and that doesn’t bother you.

8. The government guarantees your money through the FDIC. God guarantees your salvation through the Holy Spirit.

9. God keeps His promises and He completes His covenants.

10. The same grace that saved me continues saving me. The same grace that saved me will keep me. ‪#‎YouAskedForIt‬