as seen on fb… 8 things you may not know about me



1.  i am an amputee (okay, just the top digit of my little finger, but still) (i had a trike accident when i was 4) (i now have a stumpy little finger and no nail)

2.  it rained on my wedding day and we had no flowers because our florist was on the scene in a traffic jam at a fatal accident but have amazing photos with black umbrellas.  you don’t appreciate how wet it is until you see the video.   our exit song from our reception, organised by our fabulous MC’s was “Bless Her Beautiful Hide” from 7 Brides For 7 Brothers, which is one of my top 5 movies, still.

3.  i have complicated food and environmental allergies, which means i follow a pretty restricted diet, but the trade off to health is so much more worth it.  but i do miss marmite and burgers and chinese food.

4.  i have a second life at night when i don’t sleep and listen to podcasts

5.  i adore turkish delight hot chocolate

6.  i’m still obsessed with LOST and almost any tv programme that i end up liking has some connection to LOST, be it by actor or by director.  my favourite characters in LOST were ben, jacob, daniel, desmond, locke, hurley, sawyer and kate.   i confess, that yes my daughters name is partly inspired by Lost.   Lost is my happy place.

7.  my bookcase reflects my personality and passion.  i am sure books is the 6th love language, or a combination of words of affirmation and gifts (my top two) for me.  if i love someone, i give them a book and if i get given a book i feel supremely loved. 

8.  i love jesus and still get awed by His love and grace