The main issue in our prayerlessness is we have a problem believing and grasping that God likes us, enjoys us and delights in us. I don’t think we have any problem at all with the high-level idea that God loves us. If I were to sit down with you and ask you, “Do you think that God loves us?” I think you would go, “Yes, I think He loves us.” But if I could drill down a bit and start to ask about you, if I could start to ask about you right now (not you years from now), if I could sit down across from you and ask you, “Do you think God delights in, rejoices in and enjoys you right now?” I think if you were honest that one would be harder to answer. I do not think that you struggle with believing that God likes you ten years from now. Because you ten years from now is awesome. You ten years from now are not struggling with the same things you struggle with today. You ten years from now are bold in evangelism and passionate in prayer, and you have memorized the Torah. You ten years from now are legit. But you today, surely God’s not delighted in you today. Surely if God does love you today, it’s only because He knows what you’re going to be ten years from now. So He’ll put up with it like a parent changes a diaper. “I know one day you won’t do this, so I’ll deal with it.” Surely at best that’s how God feels about you today.  I believe that there are multiple reasons for our prayerlessness, but I think the predominant one is in the deepest part of our being. We just can’t imagine that He delights in us, rejoices in us and loves us.   Matt Chandler – Call To Pray