**** brilliant message by our pastor Peter Morton at The RIver this morning on being refreshed in our spirit.  I talked to heaps of people afterwards that said that it was bang on and just what they needed to hear – that it was refreshment to their spirit and good encouragement to keep waiting on God’s guidance and to not step out in our own strength and to have a practice of drinking!


Gen 16 wells of water for our spirit

Bear grylls – first thing he does when dropped is find water

Our spirits get thirsty just as our body does

We try to remedy a spiritual condition with natural things

Computers don’t run on pumpkin soup

It’s important that our spirits are strong and refreshed

Prov 4? Guard your heart because out of it will flow the issues of life

You can everything all good on your life but have a broken spirit

What is on the onside will come out

Is your spirit charged?

Don’t live thirsty john 4

Don’t just drink once a week

When your spirit is refreshed your life is empowered

Genesis 16:1+
Sarah makes a decision about Gods will based on her current situation

Sarah made a decision about who God is based on her current situation

Don’t make decisions about God’s will and God’s character based on  your current situation

Just because it hadn’t happened yet doesn’t mean its never going to happen

Sometimes its about timing.  Keep trusting God.  Keep waiting.

Don’t settle for anything less than what God has promised

Don’t try and make the promise come to pass on our own strength ie Hagar

Hold on and wait
God has His best way

Hagar fled Sarah and ended up sobbing near a spring where she encountered God- the well of the living One who sees me

Well in the desert
Encounter with God
Refreshes her spirit

Hagar – running from a bad situation, but this encounter refreshed her so that she could return and thrive in that situation

In the midst of the difficulties God sustained her

You are the God that sees me, that gets me, that understands me… with me, present, involved

Kadesh – sanctuary
Be-red – hail storm
Well was between kadesh and be-red

Gen 21:15 what’s the matter? God has a different perspective.  God sees things with His timeline and His eternal wisdom.  He wasn’t dismissing Hagar but He was reassuring her that He was in control and that nothing was the matter, that she could have peace and trust Him, the God who sees, the God who gets her, the God who understands.

God opened her eyes and she saw the well. The provision was there all the time but she couldn’t see it.

God sees.
The well of the presence of God

How to tell if your spirit is thirsty:
1 more focused on the facts than what God says
2 react instead of respond

Hagar drank from the well and was able to keep going

Know that God is with us
Live from Gods perspective