J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

So many men are trying to overcome lust and porn addiction and fantasizing — but the bad news is, we will fail.

The thing about stopping lust is that we can’t just “stop lust.”

That’s impossible.  You might as well try to bite your ear or benchpress an airplane.

Besides: what you’re experiencing is probably not lust, but just your hormones and desires and natural human design.  There’s nothing wrong with that, at all.  We were made to have attraction and chemistry and romance and get married and have sex and make babies.  To suppress that is to undermine our humanity: and God wants to make us more human, not less.


Actual lust is when you’re excessively orbiting around the objectification of another human being.  It’s when natural desire becomes impersonal impulse. It’s to consider flesh as your mental play-toy and physical receptacle.  It uses and abuses.  It…

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