oooh wordpress just sent me a message to say happy five year blogging birthday! 

thanks for everyone that has come along for the ride and joined the conversation

i’ve made some amazing friends, despite distance and time zones

and shared my heart

thanks all!



so here are five things i love about blogging:

1.  communicating – i love talking to people, in real life, on the phone, at church, up the front, at housegroup and on the blog…

2.  comments – i love when people comment and share how something i’ve written touched their heart or was what they wanted to hear, or was the third thing they’d read that day on the topic aka that God was speaking and breathing through these written words

3.  connection – i so appreciate the connections i’ve made on here – ongoing friendships and shared appreciation of blogs

4. Christ – i love Jesus!

5.  calling – i feel that writing is part of my calling – to know God and make Him known, even if it is as a file for quotes i collect and ideas that may morph into a housegroup night or a preach…